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Company History

Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores is the nation's largest Craftsman-Direct® mattress retailer. Our locally owned factory stores handcraft the highest quality mattresses available on the market today. Our "made just for me" philosophy allows all of our mattress sets to be personalized for each customer's specific needs.

Our Craftsman-Direct® philosophy means our customers will get the highest value for the lowest cost. Our products are backed by the strongest guarantee in the industry. We pledge to continue to offer our customers outstanding value at our exclusive Craftsman-Direct® prices.

It all started in 1958, when Guy Day and Dale Williams founded a company known as Wheeling Furniture Company in Wheeling, Illinois. In 1968, they learned to build mattresses from a fellow furniture businessman and soon began offering high-quality customized mattresses at the best prices available on the market under the name Verlo Mattress Company. The "Verlo" name is a tribute to the men's wives, Verna and Lois.

1975 was an important year for the company. The founders moved the business to Whitewater, Wisconsin. In 1981, a third Verlo location was opened in Naperville, Illinois, and a fourth location was opened in Crystal Lake, Illinois, in 1985.

Franchise Opportunities
Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores began offering franchise opportunities in 1981. This move changed the business operations entirely. As the franchisor, Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores continually adds value to our franchisees' investments in their franchises by providing Verlo-specific services and products that are above the industry standard in quality and are priced with the bottom line of the franchisee in mind.

The franchisor, based in Whitewater, Wisconsin, is the center of gravity for Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores. The expertise of our home office support staff, product innovations, marketing campaigns, sales tools, information technology, and a host of other functions are vital to the success of all Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores.

In addition, Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores franchise owners are given an important role in the operations of the company. Through committees that focus on marketing, retail practices, and vendor relations, our franchisee leaders play a vital role in making sure all franchisees accept and utilize the programs set forth by the franchisor.

Technological Innovation
Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores prides itself on being a technologically innovative company. From the beginning, Macintosh-based systems have been utilized. In 1991, a point-of-sales (POS) system was created on the Macintosh platform for all franchisees. The system, several generations later, is still in operation - and allows all Verlo owners free access to all details and reports they need to operate their business.

The company also became the first mattress retailer to reserve its domain name,, in 1995. By 1996 the first public web site was launched, and by 1997 customers could take a "virtual tour" of a Verlo® Mattress Factory Store showroom.

An internal online portal was also developed by the in-house IT team to allow franchisees, sales staff, and home office employees to communicate effectively online. This online portal provides a huge benefit to the company by bringing all locations around the nation a little closer together and allowing dialog to take place between the users.

Today, Verlo® Mattress Factory Stores are located throughout the nation. We are continually improving and expanding our systems, using innovative methods to reach and identify potential franchise owners. Our organization has the ability and potential to reach every American city and beyond. We are always looking ahead to what we will become, and to how we can grow the systems in place today.

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